Monday, April 26, 2010

Of All The Things I've Lost, My Mind Is What I Miss The Most

On a lighter note... I think I'm seriously loosing my mind. Case in point-last Sunday I opened the refrigerator and there was my box of plastic wrap. Oh, the dismay! I wished I had a child living at home so I could blame it on them. Unfortunately, Bill was standing there when I did it and he looked as bewildered as I. Guess I couldn't blame it on him either.

The next one is worse. Definitely, worse. Last Thursday when I got to school I realized I really didn't want to stand and "teach" all day. I had extra loaves of bread and extra eggs in my foods lab. Aha! Teach them how to make French Toast and Cinnamon Toast. (Would you believe that only 1 or 2 per class had ever made cinnamon toast? I was shocked! What has happened to childhood?) Anyway, just before the bell rang for lunch I surveyed the situation and realized I needed more bread. Those rascals were really loving the cooking and eating of such treats. When the bell rang I quickly grabbed my purse and told the teacher across the hall that I was running to the grocery store and would be back very soon. The grocery I use for school is only two blocks away and I had 30 minutes for lunch. No one would ever miss me. So I ran to the store and walked back in my foods lab about 15 minutes later. Ah! Time to spare. I thought I had time to spare. WRONG. There sat my small third period class of all boys playing games on the computers! "What are you doing here?", I asked with great confusion. "We've been really good, Mrs. Stegall! Really, we have!" Suddenly, the light dawned on me. It was third period- not fourth! I had just walked out of the school and left my class of ADHD boys totally unattended. The loved it. I was humiliated.

Last but not least, I've got too many birthdays for me to remember the dates. I know both Bill and my parents birthdays. I certainly know our children's birthdays, as well as all of their mates birthdays. I know most all of our combined brother-in-law and sisters in law birthdays (that adds 12). I even know a few random friends birthdays. However, it appears that when it comes to our grandchildren I'm a bit of a nutcase. I focus and pray for months about a new baby coming and can tell you during any given pregnancy what the baby's due date is. It's set in my mind. However, somehow those little ones don't seem to come on the date I have set in my mind. Recently I planned very well for JEB's second birthday. I picked out just the right things, brought them home, and wrapped them. They have been sitting on the hearth for a couple of
weeks. I waited to mail them so they would arrive on the exact date of his birthday-the 27th.
I was quite pleased with myself. I was talking to one of my children on April 24th. She mentioned JEB's birthday being the NEXT day-the 25th! Oh brother!!! At least at age two, he won't realize his Mimi is a dingbat. We are expecting grandchildren numbers eight and nine in the next five months. Whatever shall I do?


Mary Beth said...

When I was in middle school I LOVED it when the teacher was late to class. I bet you scored some points with those boys :-)

Anonymous said...

All I know to do is grin & bear it- it makes for good stories! xo LA